The Boston Rueda curriculum is innovative and flexible. Instruction focuses not on acquisition of a hierarchy of specific “Casino” calls but rather on learning to dance the new Social Rueda Structures following the new Calling Paradigms:

2017 Dec 25 Boston Curr 1-page ACommon to all classes is the Rueda di•ná•mi•ca calling paradigm: 1-distance, 2-“express”, non-stop speed, 3-change of direction, and 4-change of structure.  Here are some examples …
Employing the Rueda di•ná•mi•ca calling paradigm, we teach the the general approaches, suggested techniques, and specific vocabulary required to enjoy dancing the new Social Rueda Structures.


Specific Social Rueda Structures and calls are varied to maximize dancing every week:rd4


Unlike dance schools with rigid levels, BR classes welcomes all newcomers at the beginning of each 20-week / 35-hour session into one class.