2017 pre-Festival Incubator


On Wednesday and Thursday BEFORE the Rueda Festival Boston, a small group of US and international Rueda teachers gather to explore new structures, concepts, approaches.

2017 topics will include:
1-Caminando, Cadena, Tarro … moving the circle in new ways;
2-R2pF (Rueda Pequeña Atrás) for social dancing AND Rueda Torno-Mixta;
3-Switch and other new ways to change partners within Rueda Infinita;
4-new Challenges for Followers in normal Rueda;
5-Rueda Mixta new figures and challenges;
6-Abaquico, Abaco pa’Centro experiments;

BY INVITATION ONLY. All participants must be at the Dance Complex from 2 to 6 pm on both Wednesday, Nov. 1 and Thursday, Nov. 2. No late arrivals.

There is no cost.  Prior RFB experience preferred. Space is limited.

Rueda teachers who are interested in participating should send email to José: