2017 RFB workshops

2016 RFB banner 3 itemsIn 2014, we introduced LLANTA into Rueda vocabulary in the USA; in 2015, Rueda ABACO and Rueda TREBOL; in 2016, Rueda TORNO, Rueda MIXTA, and Rueda INFINITA.  In 2017, we start with 2 days of exploration (by invitation) and then 3 days with a focus on 1-Combos, 2-Structures, and 3- new calling paradigms.2017 RFB Nov345 workshops C

To review, see New Social Rueda Structures and New Calling Paradigms.

Also see:  Ruedastandard.no, Rueda Cruzada, Rueda LLanta (intermediate … advanced), Rueda Espejo, Rueda Combo, Rueda Abaco, Rueda Trébol, and more.   4 wheels Rueda figures to be used in the workshops = coremore.
RFB casineros should be competent with Pequeña, Pa’Fuera, LLanta, and Cruzada. All workshops will be at advanced level.
To review New Rueda Structures, click: 2016 RFB videos.