2018 RFB workshops

2018 RFB wshp topicsRFB 2018 will focus on 4 major topics:
1- the TOCADOF calling paradigm … to empower cantantes to call transition-oriented Ruedas to achieve greater flow and energy.  More info? click: TOCADOF.
2- Rueda Caleidoscopio … will assume proficiency with the three component Social Rueda Structures: Mixta, LLanta, and Torno-Mixta. There will be no beginning or intermediate level workshops on these 3 structures at the Festival. More info? click Caleidoscopio.
3- the new SWITCH vocabulary and FF calling.
Switch and FF banner 24- Sassan’s new AVENIDA structure introduced this summer in Europe.
RFB 2018 will also provide multiple, small-circle opportunities for Rueda callers to practice the TOCADOF calling paradigm.  If interested, email José!
RA Cantante from T  Scroll down to review videos from 2017 RFB.  Instructional videos available on the bostonrueda channel on YouTube.