2020 Rueda workshops

Join USA and international Rueda instructors for 3 hours of daily afternoon workshops on the very latest in innovative Rueda concepts and calls, structures and modalities for intermediate & advanced Rueda dancers (see more info at end).
TOCADOF characteristicsTeaching approach = presentation followed immediately by Instructor-guided practice in small 4 to 6-couple circles … with extended opportunities for cantantes to replicate calling the lesson.  Example from 2019 =

subdivide the circle (ie., Eco)
move the circle (ie., Saloneo, Abrazeo, Paseos)
change orientation (ie., Enchufla Flip, Exhibela con Carne)
change partners (ie., Tarita, Exhibe nuevo)
change roles (ie. Switch)
change structures (ie., Linea, Avenida, Torno, Llanta)
change basic modality (ie, Espejo, Equis)

banner 6 calls A
Workshops will also include some traditional Casino techniques and figures as well as some Rueda de la Calle calls.4c Avenida AOur afternoon workshops are designed for dancers competent at an intermediate to advanced level of Rueda. Recommended: 4 to 6 months of weekly instruction in a typical “Rueda” class or “Casino” (MCC or “Miami figures”). Experience in linear Salsa class is not really equivalent.  Local Mexican teachers offer evening drop-in classes for beginning-level dancers new to Casino, Rueda, or “Salsa Cubana “.

banner Linea Moderna 2ASo that all participants have equal opportunity to dance all 3 hours of the workshops, all dancers should know the basics of both lead and follow in Rueda.  Instruction with “ghost partners” is not practical in these workshops.Saturday workshop group