2020 Q&A + fotos

Question 1: Can I participate for 3 days, then travel to Mérida for 3 days, and come back to participate for the weekend?
Answer: Sure.  Include that info when you register.2019 RV group at The Palm rooftop

Question 2: My husband doesn’t dance Rueda but I do. Can he come anyway?
Answer: While he can’t register for the workshops, you can. Instead of attending the Rueda workshops, he can join some afternoon excursions, relax at the beach or a café, shop the Quinta …Playa del Carmen Quinta Avenida A… and both of you can still enjoy Playa restaurants, weekend events, travel.  Both of you can also take drop-in, weekday evening social dancing classes offered by local Mexican teachers.

Question 3:  I can follow but haven’t danced Rueda as a leader. Can I register?
Answer: Yes … but join some classes BEFORE the trip to learn & practice leading. In addition to workshops that include “Switch” calls, there will usually be “gender imbalance”. In addition, many workshop topics will include a lot of “team” Rueda structures that can’t work with “ghosts” in the circle. We want all workshop participants to dance the entire 3 hours … and you won’t want to sit out for a topic and watch simply because you can not lead!

Question 4: Do I have to stay at one of the recommended hotels?
Answer: No.  The modern FIESTA INN is where the teachers will be … Fiesta Inn fachada 1but there are many small, less expensive hotels in Playa within a 20 to 30 minute walk (or $5 taxi ride) to the workshops and evening social dancing clubs …
Nancy Dave Hotel Casa de las Flores

Question 5: What is the weather like? What clothes should I bring?
Answer:  Bring summer clothing & sneakers for afternoon workshops (see pictures and videos!). Weekend events at 5-star hotels are “smart casual” for warm summer nights.  Avoid high heels (even at weekend socials) because of uneven or cement floor.  Bring an umbrella for occasional showers.

Question 6: Is Playa water OK to drink? How about the food?
Answer: Drink bottled water … or Coronas.  Many international restaurants but lots of Mexican restaurants where you can order food without the hot stuff.El Nativo restaurant

Question 7: How do I pay for meals, excursions?
Answer: Credit / debit cards are widely accepted. However, it is better to get cash at the ATM at the banks and pay in Mexican pesos.

Question 8: Do I need a passport? a visa?
Answer: Passport, yes …… visa to enter México, no.

Question 9: I know a lot of Intermediate-level calls but I can’t remember how to lead the advanced level figures. Should I study them on-line before going to Mexico?
Answer: No, not really. The workshops will focus on NEW concepts and calls, structures and modalities … mostly partner-changing Rueda calls that do not rely on memorization of long Miami-style “Salsa Cubana” figures.Encanto Puertas Fem Noe

Question 10: Is Playa safe?
Answer: While the downtown tourist area near the Rueda workshops certainly seems safe, always maintain personal security. For example, go out as a group to evening events.  Avoid excess alcohol consumption. Only carry the credit card you plan to use, not all of them. Leave the others with your passport in the room safe. Bring a copy of your passport just in case you lose it. Be aware of your surroundings … and follow our Mexican friends’ advice. Common sense rules!

Question 11: I can’t find any information about how to buy a “Full Pass”.  How much does it cost?   Can I pay in Playa for workshops?
Answer: There is no “Full Pass” available for purchase. The Rueda workshop fee is separate and must be paid in advance (see Registration).  The excursions, evening events and weekend social parties are “a la carte” and paid “at the door” in Playa.

Kelli & fish

Question 12: What excursions do you recommend? Should we reserve / pay for them in advance?
Answer: There are dozens of local businesses that offer all kinds of tours, packages, group excursions. Many have on-line information and reservation … but many just have a store-front in Playa. Some employ people to stand on Fifth Avenue and advertise their excursions directly to tourists. In other words, if you are part of a group and want to be sure to do x, y, or z on a specific day, then on-line might be your best approach. Otherwise, decide which tour / which day when you get to Playa.

Question 13: Is this a Festival?
Answer: There are daily workshops … but there is no schedule of 3 or 4 concurrent workshops all day long led by a variety of instructors on different topics. And yes, we will dance to Cuban music … but El Niño y la Verdad is NOT appearing in concert … that band will perform at the Salsa Rueda Festival in San Francisco!  We can share small group “demos” to videotape instruction … but there are no performances by professional dancers.  It’s just … “us” … learning more Rueda in the daily workshops … dancing Rueda de la Calle …2019 Playa R Calle 2AA going out to eat at local restaurants, relaxing at a bar on the beach …Zenzi 5exploring Mexican culture, going snorkeling, dancing and hanging out at Encanto Beach … having “fun in the sun”.
Encanto swingers

Question 15:  Last year “RuedaMX” was part of”Rueda Vacation”.  Same this year?  Do I register for both?
Answer: Although the time frame overlaps in 2020, RuedaMX is DIFFERENT. It is a separate weekend event with its own program, fees, and budget. Our friend and colleague Eduardo organizes RuedaMX for the third consecutive year with a Rueda focus for local casineros to learn / dance Rueda. He will publish the details about his weekend event in January, 2020.  Rueda Vacation participants will be able to pay / join the weekend parties he organizes.RuedaMX minibanner
Question 16: Doesn’t the Rueda Vacation in Playa conflict with the Salsa Rueda Festival in San Francisco?
Answer: It overlaps: starts a week before and ends a week after.  Nick’s event is not to be missed!  Fortunately, it runs from Feb 13-16, 2020. It’s super intensive and you’ll need a vacation to recuperate!  So, fly to Playa on Monday, Feb. 17th and have a full week of vacation until Sunday, Feb. 23rd. 
2020 Feb 13-16 San Fran
Question 16: We would like to take advantage of lower airfares and arrive on Tuesday, Feb. 4, rent a car and spend a week visiting the Yucatán (Cancún, Chichen Itza, Holbox Island, and Merida). Can we then spend a week (Tuesday, Feb. 11 – Tuesday Feb. 18) with the Rueda Vacation in Playa?
Answer: Sounds like a great vacation!
map of Yucatan A