Calling Paradigms

Calling a Rueda depends first on WHO the dancers are

For INCLUSIVE (open to novices) Rueda de la Calle, Cantantes try to keep the calls extremely simple:  Fly, Bulla, Mata la Cucaracha, Ping-Pong, Fly Triple, Echevarría … with Dames in between … and maybe Sombrero, Enchufla con Mambo, or Familia.  For experienced Rueda dancers, however, the calls are limited in scope and number and quickly become very repetitive.

Ruedas can also be EXCLUSIVE to a specific group (a class, a specific social group, a performing group).  In these cases, calling a Rueda depends on WHAT the group’s objective is.

… to practice CASINO figures?  the Traditional Paradigm appropriate.

… to engage the group in faster partner changes and vary direction, structure, or role?  the Rueda di•ná•mi•ca paradigm is appropriate.

 … to focus on the Transitions and add “flow” / movement?  the TOCADOF paradigm is appropriate.

These calling paradigms have 4 distinct categories of sample calls.