CONCENTRIC R. 11 to 20c

When there are too many casineros for 1 huge circle (or the room is too small!), Concentric Rueda solves auditory and spacial issues.

When the room is too small or the Rueda too big, divide into 2 circles: 25 to 35% in the inner circle, the rest on the outer circle.11-c Two Concentric Ruedas

Leon Bembo and Saska Sedlakova teach Afro-Cuban Salsa Cubana in the Macumba, a small club in Prague, the Czech Republic. In this video, Leon uses concentric circles to call a Rueda

Calls which “compress and expand” the circles make efficient use of available space as well. Andras Karpati (Hungary) teaching in Slovakia …

Callers: Be heard! Wear a battery-pack Groove microphone or insist the venue have a wireless headset microphone system!17-c Three Concentric Circles

20-c Three Concentric Ruedas
Workshops on Rueda CONCENTRIC Ruedas = Rueda Festival Boston
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