The Boston Rueda curriculum combines the couples’ dance of CASINO, the traditional group dance of RUEDA de CASINO, and the creative innovations of contemporary RUEDA.
Rueda Calling Paradigms : sample calls ANewcomers to BR join the Monday night classes to focus on the techniques of the CASINO, including a variety of common “figures”, and their correct application in traditional Rueda de Casino.

Tuesday night classes focus on the concepts, calls, structures, and modalities of contemporary RUEDA: partner-changing in the new Calling Paradigms of Rueda di•ná•mi•ca and TOCADOF (transition-oriented calls), couple/group circular movement with Caminando, and the many new Social Rueda Structures such as Torno, Linea Moderna, Mixta Nueva, Infinita, and “Avenida”:

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Caleidoscopio core #2 A In September and February, BR classes welcomes newcomers at the beginning of each 20-week / 35-hour session.