While we do teach both Rueda and Casino classes, Boston Rueda is not a “Salsa School”.  That is, we share ideas, help each other learn how to enjoy dancing Casino better and especially how to improve our dancing both CASINO and Rueda de Casino.  While we do occasionally perform, Boston Rueda is not a “peforming group”.  We don’t memorize choreographies, have a “training team” or a “professional team”.  Sometimes, however, when a non-profit institution (like the Dance Complex) invites us to demonstrate Rueda, we do so free-of-charge in order to support them and spread the word about our dance and BR.  If you’d like us to perform at your function, fund-raiser, wedding, party, or other event, send an email to with the date, time, other info.

For serious fun, get SERIOUS ABOUT RUEDA !