Rueda 3c, 4c, 5c

While Rueda Normal (couples facing IN) can have from 3 to 30 couples, 4-couple Rueda has an extensive vocabulary of calls.
banner 4-couple ruedas 1
3-couple circle with Rueda di•ná•mi•ca and TOCADOF calling paradigms:

5-couple circle with traditional Rueda de Casino:

Many calls are common to all groups but others are group-specific. A 4c Rueda example from Havana, CUBA:

Mike Eskeldon’s RUMBANANA Salsa Group has an on-line video collection of their 4c and 5c Rueda calls: A 5c example:

To view their 29 videos, click: Rumbanana library.
common 3c and 4c Rueda calls: ruedastandard
Workshops on Social Rueda Structures and Casino = Rueda Festival Boston
SalsaNor Rueda Congress … ruedafestival Stockholm …. ruedafestival Stuttgart 4 fest workshops