Rueda ábaco 7c ++

Another way to enjoy Rueda is to include dancers in the center of the circle:dia-abaco-1The ábaco structure was created in NORWAY in 2015 by Bernt, Yuliet, and Reidun … leaders of SalsaNor and coordinators of the annual Rueda Congress. yrb-1Initially, it was seen as a way to dance Rueda when there was a large number of dancers or a Leader/Follower imbalance (diagram above).  The “ábaqueros” in the center dance follower footwork and in ways different from the circle: Bernt taught it at the Rueda Festival Boston 2015:

However, ábaco can also work well in small circles in small rooms as in this video.

Bernt returned to the Rueda Festival Boston in 2016 to teach some of the new calls that he and Yuliet created.

Learn the ábaco calls: info and videos at rueda standard. yb-video-1NRS
Workshops on ábaco = Rueda Festival Boston
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