Rueda Caleidoscopio

banner Caleidoscopio 1Rueda Caleidoscopio (Rd) is a combination of several of the new Social Rueda Structures: LLanta, Mixta, and Torno-Mixta.

In addition to proficiency with partner-changing calls in each structure AND with the calls to enter/exit Caleidoscopio from “normal” Rueda, dancing Caleidoscopio requires proficiency in the TRANSIT calls which lead into/from each of the new Social Rueda Structures:
Caleidoscopio core #2 A


Sassan Ito and Linda Ky, Rueda teachers in Berlin, Germany, came up with the name Rueda Caleidoscopio in the spring-summer of 2016:

At the Rueda Festival Boston 2017, Sassan integrated Caleidoscopio with Caminando:

In Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, in 2013, Alexandr Maneev calls his version of  Caleidoscopio combining Traditional, Pa’Fuera, and Cruzada structures.  Note that he calls on almost EVERY 1st beat of the measure, foreshadowing TOCADOF!

More explanation and videos are on the rueda standard.   Workshops on Rueda Caleidoscopio = Rueda Festival Boston
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