Rueda CRUZADA 6c, 8c

Rueda Cruzada is perfect for circles with an even number of couples to showcase dynamic movement.

Like Mixta and Llanta, Rueda CRUZADA sub-divides the Leaders into 2 “teams/groups”.6c Rueda Cruzada
There are a variety of ways in which a Rueda Cruzada can be organized and called.  In the video below, the caller’s team “changes footwork to dance on 5” and they execute the call first.

Bernt calls Cruzada differently at Rueda Festival Boston 2015. His team continues “normal on-1 footwork” … while the other team changes footwork to beat 5″:

All Leaders, but especially those who “move first”, MUST take large steps without any hesitation to the next Follower on their “Team”. Alex Maneev (Russia) included Cruzada in this 2013 video of a 4-couple Rueda:

There can be 2 callers as well!
2017 Nov Cruzada
Rueda Cruzada can be called within a normal Rueda or included for the inside circle of a Rueda Combo. When lots of advanced calls (Patín, Cubanito, Pa’rriba, Serpiente) are included, there is plenty of Cruzada curriculum for an entire song. Note, however, that advanced casineros MUST be able to “dance on 5” (the fifth beat of the measure). This structure takes practice !
More CRUZADA info and videos at the rueda standard.  

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