Rueda Festival Boston

Rueda Festival Boston  ….Thank you Montreal for stepping up in May, 2019, to offer a high-quality event for all of us in the Regional Rueda Alliance.2019 ruedx MTL group loco AAThank you Virginia for also stepping up this to offer a second high-quality, Rueda event for all of us in 2019:Ruedx VAAnd thank you New York for once again organizing another Ruedathon:Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 8.07.18 AMTo find information about both Virginia and NY events, see TRAVEL on the black menu bar above.

Your efforts allow Boston Rueda to skip 2019 … and focus entirely on organizing the February, 2020 Rueda Vacation in Playa del Carmen, MEXICO.   For all the details, click: Rueda Vacation.