Rueda INFINITA 6-c

Over the summer of 2016, Dave Mahoney created the 6-couple RUEDA INFINITA.infinita-dave-3

He developed this new Social Rueda Structure from his earlier creation, the 9-couple RUEDA TREBOL, but added partner changes in multiple combinations (Pequeña, Infinita, and Grande):  Video from the Rueda Festival Boston 2016:

Note: 1- Pequeña (3-couple) partner changes are the “default”.
2- The call “Enchufla Mixta” changes R3 into the overlapping R3X configuration: (interior “Cantantes” do Enchufla Flip … and outside “Oyentes” do Enchufla Guapea.

banner Infinita 1
Dave’s original drawing of INFINITA …original-infinita-diagram
More explanation and videos are on the rueda standard.   Workshops on Rueda INFINITA = Rueda Festival Boston
Workshops on Social Rueda Structures = Rueda Festival Boston
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