Rueda LLANTA 8c

Cuban-born and professionally-trained dancer / choreographer / performer, Alberto Valdéz is credited with creating and teaching Rueda LLANTA in Europe from 2001. Rey Salazar, Knut Leiss, Bernt Rygg, and others have added numerous new calls to the basic Llanta structure, making it the most widely-recognized of the new Social Rueda Structures.alberto-v-1Rueda LLANTA is a structure that sub-divides an even-number of couples into two separate sub-groups in concentric circles.
2017 Nov LLanta
Outside circle casineros dance “normal” Rueda. Inside Circle casineros dance Rueda Pa’Fuera. Proficiency in Pa’Fuera is a requirement for LLanta.

Rueda LLANTA commands vary. Alberto Valdés, in the workshop video below (Serbia, 2011), uses one set of commands:

Knut Leiss (Germany) and Bernt Rygg (Norway) developed alternate commands … which Boston Rueda followed in this 2014 Flashmob:

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