R. Mega Combos 16 to 25+c

Lots of Casineros in a big room? Try concentric circles. Different levels? Try Rueda COMBO

R Combo Norm+EspejoExample:  Advanced casineros dance ESPEJO in the inside circle while other  casineros dance Rueda NORMAL in the outside circle.  Bernt calls at 2015 RFB:

25c+4T  Combo TRIPLES, Pa’FUERA, Normal. Concentric circles are ideal for Rueda Flashmobs, especially if each circle dances DIFFERENT structures:25c+4T Triples-PaFuera-Rueda ComboExample:  2015 Flashmob in SLOVKIA called by Jaro Hluch:

16c+5 Combo LLANTA + ABACO ..
16c+5 Abaco-LLanta Combo
Workshops on Rueda MEGA COMBOS = Rueda Festival Boston
SalsaNor Rueda Congress … ruedafestival Stockholm …. ruedafestival Stuttgart 4 fest workshops