Rueda MIXTA 4c, 6c, 8c

José and Boston Rueda dancers started experimenting with an “inside/outside” structure in the winter/spring of 2016. After the ruedafestival Stockholm, Sassan and Linda of Berlin brought their considerable creative talent to Rueda Mixta … and made it a fully functioning structure!sassan-jose-lindaRueda MIXTA is a circle of 4, 6, or 8 couples … but subdivided into two teams. Half of the couples are in normal Rueda format while the other half are in Rueda Pa’Fuera Moderna.4c Rueda Mixta

Teams enter/exit MIXTA by the call “Enchulfa Mixta” (or in an early RMx version, “Enchufla Media Vuelta”).   Typically, partners change within the same team through the middle of the circle (ie., Enchufla, Prima) … but with a significant adaption:  Both Leaders AND Followers move!

In the first diagram below, some Pa’Fuera Leaders and Normal Rueda Followers “stay home” … BUT, Normal Rueda Leaders AND Pa’Fuera Followers travel through center of circle to their next team partners (i.e.. Enchufla).6c-rmx-3-ways-change-part

As in the digram above, other partner-changing choices are available:  CONTRARIO calls and CIRCULAR calls change partners along the line of dance, not through the middle.

Furthermore, MIXTA’s natural “inside & outside” formation also offers 1-couple “Casino” opportunities which exploit expansion/contraction perspective:

When called using the di•ná•mi•ca paradigm, the circle becomes a blur of movement.  Sassan combines it with LLanta and Torno to create Rueda Caleidoscopio!  On their website, Sassan and Linda have posted several excellent videos that demo the basic calls, partner-changers, and more:  RMx: In Action 
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