Rueda Pa’FUERA 5c, 7c

While LLanta, Mixta, Cruzada work only with Ruedas of even-numbered couples, Rueda Pa’Fuera works well with all circles, odd or even.5c Rueda Pa'Fuera However, it isn’t just “turn, face outside” then “same old, same old”. Pa’Fuera MODERNA requires both explanation and practice.  First, since it is harder to hear the caller (and for some leaders, impossible to see the caller), casineros MUST know how to execute the calls “without watching”.

Second, “Dame” requires 3/4 turn, not just 1/4 turn.   Third, just as Leaders move through the middle to change partners in Normal structure, Followers move through the middle of the circle to change partners in Pa’Fuera structure.5c-pafuera-enchuflaThe video below illustrates all of these differences in approach: Follower movement through the middle, 3/4-turn Dames, and a way to change from normal to pa’fuera (and back again) using the di•ná•mi•ca calling paradigm (the call “Directo y Enchúflame Mucho”).

Rueda Pa’Fuera features a number of “facing out” Casino calls such as: Flamenco, Egoista, Arco Iris, …

More Pa’Fuera info and videos: rueda standard .NRS
Workshops on Rueda Pa’FUERA = Rueda Festival Boston
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