Rueda Pequeña 2c

With only 2 couples, R2 (aka Rueda Pequeña or Rueda Dos Parejas)  is THE most accessible structure.
2c R2 R Pequeña
Example: Adrian, Rebecca, Cedric, and Alison dance an improvised, “called” R2 at a DC Casineros party in Washington, DC, USA

Two couples who frequently dance R2 together can perform more creative  Rueda Pequeña  as Jaro Hluch in Bratislava, SLOVAKIA, demonstrates:

R2 fits in small spaces … in a living room, at a crowded club, even in a narrow  restaurant as in this R2 called by Eduardo Pinetti at RuedX: New York

Pequeña is a popular workshop at Rueda Congresses and Festivals as in this R2 by Laine Quesada at the ruedafestival STUTTGART in 2010.


Rueda Pequeña is a key component in LLanta, 4c Linea, Mixta.
Popular Dos Parejas / R2 calls = Toma Eléctrica
More R2 calls = 2-couple video library