Rueda Torno-Mixta 6c, 8c, 10c

Rueda Torno-Mixta combines two structures on the SPOKES. Like Rueda Mixta, it requires an EVEN # of couples.

Like Rueda LLanta and Rueda Mixta, the Leaders are divided into 2 Teams (Cantantes & Oyentes … or … Primeros & Segundos). The call to enter and exit RTor-Mx, OPUESTO (created by Knut Leiss and Sassan Ito of Germany), combines 2 other calls.

With the call Enchufla Flip, couples move around the circle, changing partners as well.

RTor-Mx creates opportunities for partner-changing calls in two directions: R2 Pequeña and R2 Pequeña pa’FueraRTor-Mx 8c A
Along with LLanta and Mixta, RTor-Mx is one of the 3 key Social Rueda Structures that comprise Rueda CALEIDOSCOPIO.