Rueda TORNO 5 to 12c

Rueda Torno, THE Gateway of the new Social Rueda Structures, is the most radical of the new Social Rueda Structures. Rather than dance “on the rim” as in a typical Rueda, Torno is danced on the SPOKES !RTorno A
The call “Enchufla Torno” enters/exits Rueda Torno. BASIC Partner-changing calls of Rueda TORNO include:

At the Rueda Festival Boston 2016, Sassan taught a 5-couple Torno:

Jaro Hluch introduced TORNO at the Rueda Festival Boston 2015:

sassan-anders-copyRueda Torno was created in 2014-2015 by Anders Henriksen of Denmark. Early adaptors and contributors included Rueda instructors in Sweden, Germany, and Slovakia.

Rueda Torno is for circles of any number of couples, ODD of EVEN. This poster illustrates the 4 basic TORNO modes (and the calls to get from one to the other):

 dancers must stay on the SPOKES. Posters and video below:

In this original Torno flow-chart, Sassan Ito illustrates how calls like Enchufla and Prima keep dancers on the SPOKES as well:sassans-torno-flowSassan has added several calls into Torno vocabulary. At the pre-Rueda Festival Boston 2016 “INCUBATOR” …

More explanation and videos are on the rueda standard.    

Workshops on Rueda TORNO = Rueda Festival Boston
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