Rueda TREBOL 9c, 12c

In the winter of 2013, Dave Mahoney was in Playa Carmen, Mexico, thinking about Rueda LLanta and wondering how to adapt it. He sent José and email with this picture of a few coins and colored buttons.2013-trebol-coins   José suggested it looked like a 3-leaf clover … and Dave called his new structure:  Rueda Trébol.2016-rfb-dave-trebolRueda Trébol sub-divides the circle into two sub-groups in concentric circles. The outer circle has twice as many couples as the inside circle.  While Pequeña calls in Rueda LLANTA are 2-couple R2, the Pequeña calls in Rueda TREBOL are 3-couple, R3:

Like LLanta, the outside circle casineros dance “normal” Rueda but the
Inside Circle dances Pa’Fuera. As with LLanta, proficiency in Pa’Fuera is a requirement for Trébol!

9c Rueda Trébol
As with LLanta, there can be movement and partner-changing calls within the small circle AND in the big concentric circles. Callers indicate DIRECTION by adding “Grande” or “Pequeña” to the call.  Jaro calls LLanta:

Small circle calls must be appropriate for 3-couple Rueda.

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