Rueda TRIPLES 6c, 9c, 12c

Rueda Triples is usually danced when there is an imbalance of Leaders and Followers (such as in the diagrams below). 4c Rueda Triples 1L2FBernt Rygg (Norway) teaches beginning Triples 1L2F at 2013 SalsaNor Rueda Congress. Followers must work as a team and follow CASINO circular movement.

Emilito Herrera and Stephanie Steinbach (Germany) demo both basic and creative calls in Triples 1L2F … including some Casino Triples at the end:

When there are more Leaders than Followers, Rueda Triples 2L1F can be an option. Leaders must work as a team and move quickly together.4c Rueda Triples 2L1F
From France: a 2013 video of Triples 2L1F:

Some Triples 2L can also include 1 man and 1 woman.  Norma, one of the leaders of the Rueda Project Montreal is an excellent leader and follower.  Here she is one of the leaders:

Workshops on Rueda TRIPLES = Rueda Festival Boston
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