RUEDA Alliance

The RUEDA ALLIANCE includes Rueda communities that share a commitment to our dance, to our members, and to each other as teachers and cantantes. The regional group includes Rueda schools in Baltimore, Boston, Maryland, Montreal, New York City, Toronto, Virginia, and Washington, DC.2018October Toronto  Since 2014, we have shared new concepts in curriculum and new ideas for calling Rueda.  RAWe regularly travel to each others’ festivals to support, teach, and promote our passion for Rueda.2016 RFB group

The international group currently includes Rueda schools in England, Germany, Hungary, Norway, and Spain.RA Cantante from T
The Rueda Alliance began in 2014 when, along with Ruedame NY, Cuban Vibes London, and Salsa Macht Spaß Germany, Boston Rueda became one of the 4 founding members of SERIOUS ABOUT RUEDA (SAR), an international ALLIANCE of teachers to promote Rueda de Casino world-wide.
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