Social Rueda Structures

cruzada-torno-asrs-definedOver 50 years ago, Cubans created Rueda de Casino, a group SOCIAL dance. Different cities, even different barrios, created different “calls” which group members learned to dance together as a group. 3c Rueda Tradicional

At the 2011 Cubanero Festival in Novi Sad, SERBIA, according to Bostjan Bibic of (Slovenia), he and other Rueda dancers/teachers asked the Festival instructor, Alberto Valdés (Cuba), if there weren’t something more challenging that he could teach them. Alberto and Andria then taught them Rueda LLanta … and Rueda in Europe has not been the same ever since!


Since 2011, the number of Social Rueda Structures has grown because Rueda teachers have continued to ask “What if …?” and let creativity flow and invented new structures (ábaco, Trébol, Espejo, Trio Caliente, Torno, Mixta, Infinita).
Now, from Belgrade to Boston, instructors have continued this tradition and created New Rueda Structures to be danced “socially” and shared internationally.    A new TAXONOMY is followed by Boston Rueda:banner-2017-srs

Rueda teachers gather to learn, adapt, improve these innovative structures at 1 event in the USA and 3 in Europe: Rueda Festival Boston
SalsaNor Rueda Congress … ruedafestival Stockholm …. ruedafestival Stuttgart 4 fest workshops

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