… is a series of calls that emphasize constant movement around the circle and/or changing partners around the circle.

TOCADOF characteristicsTODCADOF = Transition-oriented Calling and Development of Figures for new Social Rueda Structures.  

In 1514, Nicolaus Copernicus established the concept of the heliocentric solar system, reversing the Aristotelian view of the universe. In 2017, Sassan proposed TOCADOF, an alternative to the Miami approach of dancing Rueda.
Nicolas Sassan

The Miami-style Calling Paradigm focuses on execution of individual Casino figures (Sombrero, Setenta, etc.).

In the Salsa Lovers curriculum, for example, partner changes are almost always simple “Dames” added at the end of a CASINO figure.  Calls that actually move the circle (ie. Tumba Francesa) are few.

“Advanced” Rueda de Casino (La Rosa, Kentucky Complicado) is basically a list of longer and more complicated CASINO FIGURES that the couples must memorize in order to execute successfully in choreographic fashion.

While calling Miami-style Rueda de Casino is “static” (dancers move from station-to-station), calling TOCADOF is “dynamic” (dancers “flow” around the circle almost always changing partners).

Calling TOCADOF is creative Rueda Sin Paradas, a key component of the calling paradigm, Rueda di•ná•mi•ca. Casineros must pay close attention because calls are broken into many short 8-count chunks. Boston Rueda’s Rueda di•ná•mi•ca with TOCADOF =

Workshops on TOCADOF = Rueda Festival Boston
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