2020 March 23 = Today’s editor’s video choice =

Rueda Festival Boston 2016 LLanta 24 c demo by Bernt Rygg
Created originally by Alberto Valdés of Cuba / Italy, LLANTA continues to be the most common of the new Social Rueda Structures. It not only utilizes limited space on the dance floor more efficiently, it allows casineros to dance either “on the wheel” as usual or with another couple opposite them in R2 Pequeña / Two-couple calls (like Puente). More videos are on YouTube (our BR Rueda LLanta channel) as well as extensive info and diagrams on the web: and

Since 2002, Boston Rueda has continued to explore new concepts, new structures, new calling paradigms for dancing RUEDA.

Along the way, we have posted hundreds of videos on YouTube to help our members review BR curriculum and to share our journey with our many friends in the international RUEDA family.