Visit the Yucatán

The Yucatán Peninsula offers many recreational and tourist activities.  Close to Playa del Carmen include many day-trip options: to the Mayan ruins in Tulúm …Tulum ruins to snorkeling and scuba trips on Cozumel … Cieloto cenote swimming and amusement parks.  You can learn about these opportunities on-line before you go and reserve in advance.  There are numerous tourist agencies which sponsor trips … or just hire a taxi to take you to them.
Yal Ku lagoon
With a few extra days, you can take overnight trips to Holbox Island, to the Mayan ruins in Chichén-Itzá and to the colonial city of Mérida or the coastal town of Chetumal … by public bus or on escorted of Yucatán AAADO bus lines offers numerous daily departures to every city in the Yucatan.  See the bus schedule on-line and buy your tickets a couple days in advance to reserve the exact seat(s) at the departure time you prefer.   Make YOUR OWN vacation schedule!